Standardized 3D Glasses on the way.

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Standardized 3D Glasses on the way.

Post  3D Database on Wed May 25, 2011 1:54 pm

A major complaint about 3D is the lack of transition and lack of compatibility within the 3D world (namely 3D glasses). To ease the problems that arise between the different types of 3D, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is in the process of making a new standard in 3D.

With every new technology advancement there comes a time where the divergence of methods for that technology is crucial to make a new standard across the board. 3D has reached that point.

Brian Markwalter (CEA's research and standards VP) states "The expanding presence of 3DTV in the home makes the need for interoperable 3D glasses more urgent than ever," He goes on to say "Industry participation will help meet consumer demand and expectations regarding 3D interoperability in the home."

Having a universal standard in the 3D industry will go a long, long way to help 3D as a whole become the widely accepted technology and common place in nearly every home. This standard will help consolidate 3D and really get it off the launching pad in a big way.
So if you had your doubts about the 3D market, wait a little while longer until the 3D world finishes its shakedown of its technologies and the new standard is born.
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